Dr. Vijay Negalur

Dr. Vijay Negalur


Dr. Vijay Negalur is the co-founder and Medical Director at Dr. Negalur’s Diabetes & Thyroid specialities center, Ghodbunder road, Thane. He is as a Hon. Associate Professor of Medicine since the past 20 years at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College & Shivaji Hospital, Kalwa and has served as a MBBS examiner and convenor for MUHS. He is currently one of the leading teachers in PHFI- Public Health foundation of India and currently teaches on a variety of subjects: Diabetes Management, Thyroid Management, Pregnancy in Diabetes and Cardiology & Diabetes. He is on the advisory board of various Indian and International Pharmaceutical companies. He has earned the title “Syndrome Man” and “ Gentle Giant in Diabetes” by his students and colleagues on account of his impressive diagnosis and treatment, his colleagues and teachers have given him a rather befitting title.


  • Director of Dr. Negalur’s Diabetes & Thyroid Specialities Center at Ghodbunder Road, Thane – West
  • Director of Renuka Hospital for Advanced Diabetic Care - Dombivali since 35 years till date.
  • Senior Consultant in Diabetes, Thyroid & Metabolism at Dr. Negalur’s Diabetes & Thyroid Specialities Center at Ghodbunder Road, Thane – West
  • Senior Physician and Diabetologist-Jupiter Hospital, Thane since 2007 till date
  • Ex Associate Professor-Department of Medicine - Terna Medical College 1994 to 2015
  • Vice President of NADR (Negalurs Academy of Diabetes and Research)
  • Director & Faculty for Education Initiative for Study of Diabetes (EISD)
  • Founder President of “Association for Diabetes Care and Prevention” A.D.C.P since 2002 till date.
  • Mentor and Faculty for the Fellowship in Diabetology at D. Y. Patil deemed to be University since 2017. Mentored 5 fellow in the subject.
  • Mentor and Faculty for in Obesity, Body Metabolism & Nutrition at Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.


  • S.S.C passed in 1969 from Joshi High School, Dombivli
  • 2.Inter Science Passed in 1971 from Ruia College, Mumbai
  • M.B.B.S –Passed in 1975 from Grant Medical College - Mumbai University
  • M.D. General Medicine and Therapeutics passed in 1979 from Grant Medical College – Mumbai University and secured 3rd rank in University Of Mumbai
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes Management-Middlesex University, London, UK - June 2017


  • Fellow of the Indian College of Physicians 2015 FICP
  • Fellow of “Diabetes India conferred by The Research Trust of Diabetes India” 2017
  • Faculty and Advisory of Diabetes Management, issued in June 2015, Cleveland Clinic, USA
  • Fellow of the American College of Physician FACP 2018


  • Residency in General Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes - J.J. Hospital from March1976 to September 1976
  • Residency in Medicine, Endocrinology and Diabetes - J. J. Hospital from June 1977- 1979
  • Residency in Cardiology from October 1976 - May 1977 from J.J Hospital


  • Scientific chairperson - RSSDI Maharashtra Chapter 2005
  • Scientific committee - MAPCON 2014
  • Scientific committee - National RSSDI 2008
  • Scientific committee - MAPICON 2009
  • Chairperson diabetic foot workshop for MAPCON 2014
  • Faculty and Speaker for RSSDI Maharashtra Chapters from 2004 to 2018 every year
  • Faculty and Speaker for RSSDI National Conferences
  • Chaired sessions for State and National Diabetic Conferences
  • Delegate for International Conferences in Diabetology - ADA, EASD, IDF, AACE - 2018 - 2019
  • Faculty and speaker for AMACON 2015 IMA Maharashtra Chapter CME programme at Ambernath 2015
  • RSSDI Chattisgarh 2016 - Faculty in 2nd Annual Conference of Research Society for Study of Diabetes In India, 2016 (17-18 December 2016)
  • Environmental Medical Association- Faculty “DIA - League” “ A Dialogue on Newer Dimensions in Diabetes Management.” 27th November 2016
  • Indian Medical Association Mumbai West Branch - Lecture on the Topic of “Diabetes” 22nd January 2017
  • Faculty in CID 2015 onwards & in CID 2019 - delivered a talk on Pathophysiology of Diabetes & conducted a workshop
  • Faculty for APICON Conference at Ludhiana 2015, Mumbai 2016, Bengaluru 2019
  • Faculty for DIABETES INDIA CONFERENCE 2016-2018
  • Faculty for Cardiology Meet in Zurich, Switzerland on Topic :‘Metabolic Syndrome in the year 2013’
  • Faculty for Cardiology Meet at Kathmandu, Nepal on topic : Hypertension and Diabetes
  • “I Care For Diabetes” - Lecture - accredited by the Research Society for the study of Diabetes in India
  • Cleveland Clinic, USA - Certificate of appreciation - faculty and advisor “ Diabetes Management - Evolving Paradigms of care” June 2015
  • Organizing Secretary for INTERNATIONAL DIABETES EXPERT CONCLAVE - 2017, 2018 & 2019 in progress
  • Organizing chairperson for MEDINSPIRE 2019 - Diabetology and Metabolism / Endocrinology Section - A multidisciplanary conference organsied by D Y Patil deemed to be University, Mumbai
  • Faculty at the National Thyroid Conference in 2014 and spoke on Thyroid Analogues
  • Faculty for International Conference on Diabetes at Manila (Philippines) Year 2012
  • Lecturer in medicine Rajiv Gandhi Medical College
  • Associate professor in the department of medicine –Rajiv Gandhi Medical college
  • MBBS examiner for University of Bombay since 1996
  • Convener for MBBS examination at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College in Nov. 2001 for Bombay University
  • Convener for MBBS examination at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College in Nov. 2002-2004 for Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences
  • Teacher in Diabetology for the college of Physicians and Surgeons since 2006 till date – diploma course
  • Teacher in SNDT University – Diploma course for Diabetic Educators since 2007 till date
  • Regional faculty for the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) for the certificate course for Evidence based diabetes Management
  • Regional faculty for the Public Health Foundation Of India (PHFI) for the Advance certificate course in Prevention & Management of Diabetes & Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Regional faculty for the Public Health Foundation Of India (PHFI) for the certificate course in Management of Hypertension
  • Regional faculty for the Public Health Foundation Of India (PHFI) for the certificate course in Management of Thyroid Disorders
  • Regional faculty for the Public Health Foundation Of India (PHFI) for the certificate course in Pregnancy and Diabetes
  • Founder member of “Association for Diabetes Care and Prevention” A.D.C.P since 2002 till date
  • Teaching faculty for NDEP National Diabetic Education Programme for Diabetic Educators
  • Course Director of EISD (Education Initiative of Study of Diabetes)
  • Teaching Faculty for Hypertension & Diabetes Certificate Course for RELIANCE INDUSTRIES
  • Founder member and President of “Association for Diabetes care and Prevention” A.D.C.P since 2002 till date, an association which teaches Awareness Prevention and Methods of control for Diabetes for the public at large
  • Camps
    • Three monthly education & free blood sugar camps on a health topic to around 250 to 350 lay people
    • Mega camps annually in November for around 500 to 700 people where blood tests, eye checkup, x-ray, ECG, BMD, foot test, PFT, Thyroid, BMR etc. are done every year since 2002
  • Co- Editor of “AWAKENING” a health awareness Annual Bilingual Newsletters for the public since 2002. This year will be the 19th Issue
  • Attended camp of Help Defeat Diabetes; a initiative of Denmarc (Diabetes Endocrine Management and Research Centre)
  • Conducting CME programmes for General Practitioners every month at Synergy Healthcare Center, on various topics in Diabetes & Thyroid
  • Consulting Diabetologist and Metabolic Physician at Renuka Hospital for Advanced diabetic care– Dombivli since 35 years
  • Senior consulting Physician and Diabetologist at Prathamesh Hospital – Dombivli since 1985 till date
  • Consulting Physician and Diabetologist at Jupiter Hospital – Thane From 2007 till date
  • Consulting expert in Diabetic Foot Care
  • Specialized total foot care & foot wear management center at Thane
  • Consulting Diabetologist,Endocrinologist and Metabolic Physician at Dr. Negalur’s Diabetes & Thyroid Specialties Center, Thane for total Diabetes, Thyroid and Obesity care
  • Director and Faculty for Education Initiative for Study of Diabetes (EISD)
  • Conducted several lectures and workshops in diabetes for general practioners and consultants .e.g. “TOFID”- together we fight diabetes and “insight” programmes
  • Conducted CMES for the international diabetic center in various colleges in Diabetology
  • Conducted workshops on Diabetic foot for DFEP (Diabetic foot education programme 2014/2015)
  • Dr. Negalur’s Diabetes and Specialities Centre is a part of “Diabetes Connect” from The Endocrine Society
  • Conducted and managed support group “Hope and Help” for Parkinson’s and diabetic patients from 2001 to 2009



For the outstanding performance in the field of Diabetes for Association of Diabetes, Care & Prevention (ADCP) by GIANTS GROUP OF DOMBIVLI


For the outstanding performance in the field of Diabetes for Association of Diabetes, Care & Prevention (ADCP) by Vaidyakiya Madat Nidhi Trust of Dombivli


Recipient of DHANVANTARI AWARD for the Year 2007 by Brahman Sabha Dombivli

outstanding performance

Recipient of outstanding performance award in the field of diabetes at the hands of Dr. Ravi Bapat on 13th January 2008

  • Editor for Dialogue IMA Medical Bulletin.
  • Published a special Issue on diabetes Mellitus for IMA Bulletin, Dombivli.
  • Presented a paper in seminar on World Diabetes Day, 27th June 1992 on Viruses and Diabetes at Bombay Hospital and Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • Published a case on Weber-Christian disease in “JAPI”
  • Journal of the association of physicians of India July 2003.
  • Publication of AWAKENING magazine for diabetes since June 2003 to till date.
  • Asst. Editor Journal Of Diabetologia.
  • Published article on Vitamin in Diabetes in Periodical magazine Vivek in Marathi.
  • Written an article review in “Evidence to experience” about “Glimiperide Glycaemic Control in the long term” (Issue no 2) 2017
  • Written an article on “The Cholesterol Diabetes Link - Why every diabetic should receive statin?” in November 2017.
  • Written an article on “Dietetic Myths in Diabetes” in November 2017.
  • Publication on Indian Guidelines in Hypothyroid Management (ICMJE 2017 in press).
  • Published an Glycemic Pentad Forum Journal of The Association Of Physicians of India. Vol 65 July 2017.
  • Paper at RSSDI Maharashtra chapter conf. April 2004, April 2005, April 2006 & April 2007
  • President of ADCP – Dombivli branch since 2002 till date
  • President of Health India Foundation Dombivli Branch Since 2002 till date
  • Held exhibition on Diabetes at Dombivli in Dec 2002
  • Organized RSSDI Maharashtra state chapter conference at Thane (15th to 17th April,2005) attended by more than 600 delegates across Maharashtra
  • Scientific committee chairperson RSSDI M.S at Lonavala in April 2007
  • Paper presentation in Mapicon at Shirdi October 2007
  • Paper presentation at RSSDI national conference Kolkata , November 2007
  • Conducts regular coaching classes under the banner of PHFI
  • Evidence based diabetes management- 3 Cycles completed 4th in progress
  • GDM 2 Cycles completed
  • CVD and diabetes 1 Cycle completed
  • Thyroid course commenced from June 2015
  • Attendee ADA/EASD since 2007
  • Regular rollout meeting on ADA & EASD under the heading of best of ADA & EASD
  • Regular lecture series under the heading of TOFID (Together We Fight Diabetes)
  • Series of lectures on all aspects of diabetes across India
  • Guest International lecture on Diabetes at Manila (Philippines) Year 2012
  • International advisory board meeting at Melbourne (Australia) on Canagliflozine Year 2013
  • Faculty for Cardiology Meet in Zurich, Switzerland on Topic :‘Hypoglycemia and Cardiovascular Disease’ Year 2013
  • Attended OPPI meeting at Mumbai on Jan 2015
  • All India Radio broadcast on various topics in diabetes year 2012
  • Public lecture on diabetes at Bhusaval, Jalgaon on diabetes Year 2012 & 2013
  • Advisory board meeting on Gemigliptin at Munich (West Germany)
  • Poster presentation on “Effects of Adherence to the Newly Initiated Dapagliflozin on Body Mass Index & Blood Pressure in Type 2 Diabetes, in 3rd CVOT Summit of the Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease EASD Study Group, in October 2017 at Munich, Germany
  • Written a chapter on “Why Oral Agents Fail?” in the RSSDI Textbook 2014”
  • Written a chapter on “ Male Hypogonadism in Diabetes” in API textbook-February 2014.
  • Written a chapter on Autonomic Neuropathy in the Oxford Textbook of Peripheral Neuropathy in Diabetes.
  • Written a chapter on “Deciding Insulin Therapy- Early v/s Late Insulinization” in the textbook of Current Controversies and Consensus In Diabetes Management.
  • Written a chapter on “SGLT2 Inhibitors” in the textbook of Current Controversies and Consensus In Diabetes Management.
  • Written a chapter on “SGLT2 Inhibitors” in the textbook of API Medicine Update 2017.
  • Written a chapter on “Role, Regulation and Reception of Association Of Brain and Diabetes : Emerging Evidences and Contemporary Insights” in the Journal of Clinical Diabetology (JCD) 2017.
  • Written a Chapter on “Non Injectable Insulin Therapy” in the Sadikot’s Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus 2017.
  • Written a chapter on “Beta Cell Preservation” in API textbook 2017 (in press).
  • Written an article on “Maternal Environment and Trans-Generational Transmission of Disease” in Diabetic Women in “Diabetes & Women - The Untold Story” in December 2017.
  • For “Save your Heart” health programme on Health India Channel, gave a talk on Dyslipidemia & the heart in 2009.
  • Halt diabetes 2014: An awareness initiative for creating diabetes awareness among general populations: NDTV 24X7 and NDTV Profit.
  • Halt Heart Attack 2017 on NDTV Profit.
  • Talk on Diabetes - LiveWell+ Diabetes on CNBC TV 18 2017.
  • Lecture on Diabetes on Zee Marathi 2016.
  • NDTV Interview n Antihypertensives in Diabetes 2016.
  • Write up on “TOWARDS A BETTER FUTURE” for Diabetes patients in Hindustan Times National Publication of India on 18th December 2018.
  • Principle Investigator in ONTARGET Study across in India February 2016.
  • Post marketing study of Novomix for Novo Nordisk was Part of the Indian component of “IMPROVE STUDY”
  • Received prize for standing First in Anatomy at University Examination (Kunte Scholarship).
  • Third Rank in Bombay University in MD (General Medicine) examination held in November 1979.
  • Conducted many patient education programs under the banner of ADCP (Association of Diabetes for Care and Prevention) since 2002.
  • RSSDI Oration (Nadgauda) 2007 Cochin : Vitamin D and Diabetes
  • Amravati Chapter of API Oration 2014 Nagpur : Brown fat.
  • Waradpande Oration (Diabetes India) 2015, Nagpur : Microbiota and Diabetes
  • RSSDI Maharashtra Chapter oration 2016 at Solapur on “Inflammation and Diabetes.”
  • RSSDI Indore Chapter Oration 2016 at Indore on “Fecal Microbiota & Endocrine Diseases”.
  • RSSDI Oration on “Hypogonadism in Type 2 Diabetes” in 2011.
  • USV Ltd.
  • Abbott
  • Sanofi Aventis
  • Wochkhart Ltd
  • Sun Pharma
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Novartis
  • Zydus
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Dr Reddy’s Pharmaceuticals
  • Lupin
  • Cipla
  • Boehringer INgelheim
  • Biocon
  • Eris Pharma
  • Aventis


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